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omg! Soooo busy, I’m late with my post!

Hello “Jewels”! I am so glad to be busy again in “The Jule Box”! I have been making a lot of my gifts and finishing up on swaps…although I have a few more! I will get there…I promise! 🙂

My sister Lisa has been her for 2 days so far and is already in “The Jule Box” with me, and get this….she’s crafting her very first project! yay Lisa!  She’s not a scrapper…well the other kind of scrapper…(I won’t get on her bad side…haha!!) But she has worked on her project for now 2 days and about done! She works so fast….I was not surprised that with every step she was like, “ok, what’s next?” haha…she’s like that with everything. Whenever there is something like an event, she’s like on the move, you could barely see her she moves so fast! She is also helping me with some things here at home that I have needed help with, it’s hard for me at times to even move…so I am so grateful she’s here, she’s just a huge blessing to me…..maybe I will share some of “our story” with you guys a little, pretty cool how we met, but I think I will later so for now, I’m gonna try and get busy with my crafty self!

I’m back in “The Box” and so happy to be. I have some things  to offer to all my jewels so stay tuned, here it comes!.. 🙂 …….

1- Laces…oh wow, such a great deal…that’s coming up this weekend and….
2-My Graphic 45 (I’m an addict) Father’s Day kit!! Soooo cool!
3- The revised Graphic 45 Clothespin Kit. Some small but significant changes.
I will update the original post on it with new pics for viewing!

Okay, getting stuff ready here. I luv ya all and I wanna keep encouraging you to stir up the mojo and let’s create!!

xoxo always, Jules 🙂

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