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I’ll be gone!

Hey everyone!

Ok, so I totally forgot to post this earlier…I’m sure that maybe “Feedburner” will kick this post to emails later than I want. But here it goes anyways….

So one of my girls is celebrating her 16th on Monday!!! Yay Tiana!!  I’m snatching her away from school and I’m gonna take her shopping, and the best part…..Dad took the day off and Anna gets to come, so we’re gonna make a day of it!!!

She hasn’t got a clue…I don’t think so anyways:) hehe.. I always wanted to be absent from school on my Birthday when I was younger!  Never was allowed too, so..I do for my kids what I wish I had, don’t we do that anyways! lol.. I’m excited and I can’t wait…

I have been trying to make her a card for days….and nothing!! argh!! it’s 3:39am Monday and we gotta get up at 6 to shower and be gone by 7! …..and now…. I finally have a card :/ wow…it took forever….why? I’ll share later…and pics of our outing!!  

Wish us safe travels, we’re driving a few hours away!

oh….orders that were filled on Friday evening and after…will be mailed out on Tuesday March 29th!

If it’s been a few days and you haven’t received your invoice, please check your email address that is on the paypal account you used when you ordered!!! That email address is the only one I would have…..I am caught up on my invoices!!!!

Ok, going to bed, then gonna go out with the fam in a few hours and I will c-ya when I get back!!

Have a great Monday everyone and God Bless!! xo, Jules

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