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Happy Birthday Tiana!

Hey guys!

Our 1 day trip to Portland!!  We went to the Clackamas Town Center! I love this place! It takes a bit to get there from where we live but the view through from the freeway is just gorgeous!!….

So off we went, looking at Mt. Hood capped with snow!

This was a 2 1/2 hour drive away to go to the mall!!! Crazy huh? Now Tiana has never been through this area…so I was excited for her to see some sights that have been so part of my and my own family’s life…my biological kids and have seen many times, but I love that T took her cell phone camera and was taking pics herself of places…of memorable places that Manny and I wanted her to remember, creating new memories with her new family!! 🙂

Multnomah Falls! One of the most beautiful Falls I have ever seen! 

This is kinda far away, but still beautiful! We will go back with T to have dinner at the lodge there….this was a drive by pic taking!! hehe I will share better pics later on another trip with T and the fam!

So we get to the Town Center and shopped! One place I was so happy we can  take her to and where she’d never been and wanted to go to was “Build A Bear”!  She made her first and maybe only bear and dressed it!! So cute!!

 Now….gonna pic out clothes!!

Anna had a fashion revelation when she picked out her clothes this morning!! The “Build a Bear” shop had it ready for picking out…and guess who dressed up like Anna?

 Yeah, the bear!!!  Anna was so proud….you can’t see her pants but they were a very dark blue like the bears! 

Now, his birth certificate! This shop is way adorable, I felt like a little kid myself! LOL

 We walked a little more, shopped and went to have dinner because it was time to get home. Dad has to go to work tomorrow and they have school too. We stopped at a fav restaurant called “Cousins” Some of the best southern food that I know of. They sang to Tiana and she had some cake!! lol

 I think Tiana was starting to fall asleep with you know who!!

 It was a great day…of course this was a teeny piece of it, but I wanted to share! 

I did a video of a card I made for Tiana…I’ll share it in a bit. Not my normal choice of colors, but I liked it….it was cute for girl! 🙂

Here is the video:

Thank you God for my family! I ask for strength and guidance for Manny and me, so we would always do the right thing for our family, the family you gave us! 

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a great day!

xo, Jules

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