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Welcome to My New Shop!!

Hello everyone!

Today is just an announcement!!:) But it’s exciting to me and I have to share it!

A few weeks ago I wanted to make it easier for people to find my products that I sell and after giving it a lot of thought, I realized that what I needed to do is to open up a whole other blog but make it my SHOP!! SO, I did! I contacted the best blog designer in the world, Ms Karen Valentine of! She is amazing! She’s who created the design for “The Jule Box”! Karen thank you so much for all your help with both of my beautiful blogs!! When I hear from people, “I just love your blog, it’s so welcoming” or “your blog is so beautiful and so warm”! It makes me happy!! I love it when I’m able to share a post on here, it totally compliments my projects and daily life posts and is much more organized and easier to find things!  So, Karen, again, Thank you so so much!!

So, please let me share my new shop…. “TheJuleBoxShop”.com! If you head over there you’ll see a similar blog to “The Jule Box” but there will be products and posts of projects made with my products! Location is the only thing that has changed, I have all the same items and will have new listings coming very soon I hope! 🙂

I have a FB page for “The Jule Box Shop” and will share whole new product listings, new items added to an existing listing, giveaways and some challenges hopefully! You’ll find a link to the shop above in the navigation bar and then a link to “TJBS” FB over there on the right side at the very top! Please come over and “Like” my page, I would so very much appreciate it!

I CAN’T wait to start sharing more with you guys! Thanks for peeking in and thank you so much for all the support!

p.s…..I’ve had issues with my paypal buttons for my laces.…I’ve had a whole new shipment come in and it’s all posted but some of the “buy” buttons won’t work. So, if you get an error code please don’t worry, just jot down the selections you want and email me for an invoice with a quantity of what you’d like (haven’t found issues with any other product buttons as of yet…crossing fingers)!!  Where there’s a will there’s a way! Right?! 🙂 Thanks for your patience and always for your support! 


God Bless you guys!! xo, Jules:)

Feel free to share!