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A 2013 Triple Graduation in the Aviles House!!


I’ve been wanting to share this post for a while! Just had to wait til it was all said and done, and now that it is……I’m excited to post pics and things!

If you’ve followed me on FB this year you’ll know that one of the highlights for this family were all the graduates! My Honey and our two kids shared 2013 as graduates!!
My daughter from High School! 
My oldest, my son from college with a Bachelor’s in 
Telecommunications Information Technology and my sweet honey 
with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration! 
I am so beyond proud of all 3!

Here’s a quick slideshow!
So, let me share Anna’s! 
She was the first one to graduate this year from 
High School on May 31st! My baby! She’s SO smart and SO beautiful, it was an awesome 
start to this eventful year!! She had already 17 college credits under her belt and graduated with honors! Hence, the yellow cord around her neck!! Go baby Girl!!
Anna, I am so overwhelmed at what a HUGE blessing you are to me! I always prayed for 1 son and 1 daughter and I’m grateful that God granted me you. You are the best and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better! It’s a priveledge to be your mom and I am so proud of you!!
I LOVE you baby girl!

One of the best moments of my life was that I was given the 

honor of singing
The National Anthem 
for the opening commencement at her graduation!
Thanks to IHS Graduating Seniors for giving me this awesome opportunity!
I haven’t been on any stage for about 7 years, so 
I was very nervous but grateful for the opportunity:)
I’m so beyond blessed! and so very proud that my husband of 23 years went back to school part time. What would take a normal student 4 years to get their degree, took him almost 8 yrs! 
Not easy when you have a young family and a full time job…… oh and me, lol! 
It was such a great example that he set for our kids that you can do it, although we’ve always stressed to them that they should do the school thing before the family thing, it’s much easier, so far, that tip is sticking, keeping my fingers crossed! LoL!!
He graduated next, the ceremony was outdoors, a beautiful SUNNY day!! 
His graduating class was almost 1000!
I had a pretty good farmer’s tan for the rest of the Summer! LoL
Manuel Sr. graduated on June 15th from 
Eastern Oregon University!!
I LOVE you babe! I am so proud of you!

You go Honey!!!!! Woot Woot!!
 What a hot but memorable day!!
It wasn’t easy honey I know! But you have to know how so very proud I am of you! 
Not every guy would stick it out the way you did. I’ll always remember you
telling me that you’ll go back to school and get your degree for the kids!
I know who I married! Your the man I always knew you’d be and I am beyond proud to have walked this chapter of your journey with you! I LOVE you!!! and you ROCK to the moon and back babe! Onto the next chapter!!

My son….my boy is both handsome and smart, sometimes for his own good!!
 It’s been 4 years since we dropped him off in 
LA to stay with my brother so he could go to school. 
I really am so very grateful to my brother and his wife  for taking him in!!
Thanks Tony and Lisa!!! I LOVE you!
So Manuel Jr went and got himself a bachelor’s degree in 
Telecommunications Information Technology
from Mt Sierra College! 
Now, it’s on for the job hunt!!!! 🙂
Congrats son!! I LOVE you!

The School held the Commencement at a church, it was beautiful!

They did their rehearsal an hour before it started, I caught Manny as he walked off for that!

 Ah, my son! Manny, you’re such a cool kid….well, young man now! 
You changed my life the moment I heard you cry. Though a kid myself when I had you, I knew our relationship would always be a special one! You and Daddy will always have my heart and as long as I breath I will always be so very proud of you! Remember the guidance of your mother! 
She’ll always be there to tell it to you straight! And the ONLY woman 
who will forever have your back!!
I LOVE you boy! Do me proud! 🙂
I have to say again, I’m a proud wife and mom! It was so super exciting to see this happen!
All 3 of them graduating, what an honor….wow….well! 
It’s done and now onto the next chapter of our lives! 
I’m sure I’ll keep you all posted on what goes on in our lives. 
I LOVE sharing all the blessings God rains down on this family! 
I will be sharing all about our celebratory trip to San Diego soon too! 
That was so much fun!!
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See you soon! 

xo, Jules:)

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