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Bittersweet news….


A year and a half ago I was so excited when the opportunity came when I could move in with my parents to help. To be with them meant I could keep an eye out for them…..and to watch my dad cuz he’s in his terrible “83’s” stage in his life…he’s a little ornery, but there have been some changes going on with my household and so the time has come that we now have to move away. My sweet hubby landed a great job but it means we can’t be here anymore. I’m sad but the good thing is that we won’t be horribly far away!  I shared stuff in my video….

Just wanted let ya’ll know and to ask for prayer as we go through these changes….my mom is already seeming to be a little sad and that really just breaks my heart! ah…please keep us in prayer friends.

Thanks so much for stopping in, God Bless!

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