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Where did the time go!?!

Hello Friends!

So, this is WAY long over due. So much has gone on.

Some of you know that my family and I have moved into our new house after about 8-9 years of renting and that we moved after my husband started a new job in 2014 out here in the state of Washington….we lived in Oregon for about 17 years….so, we crossed over the Columbia River to the Evergreen State, it’s a little dryer out on the east side of the state but its a really nice change!

Over the last 18 months we’ve done a few cosmetic changes to the house and have had a couple of family events… some wonderful life changers to some scary ones but we‘re working on making the best out of it all. My husband and I pray every single night for guidance and wisdom and patience. We know He’s watching over us and walking with us too.

We moved into a 4 bedroom 2 bath house with a family room I’m turning into my studio….its not done yet but little by little things are finding a place. The room is painted and I’m almost all done painting all my furniture a beautiful antique white with some distressing and with a light touch of gray. I will be sifting through all of my stuff eventually and will be selling what I have too much of (which is kind of an under statement) and what I don’t need so I hope that when I share the listings, you‘ll be needing some of it. I’ll put a video up when it’s ready with some info!

My job status is on hold….some of you also know that I have some serious back issues and the fibro….it’s tiring and so painful. I decided that I MUST get treatment of some kind and or surgery if need be and then work because I’ve been in sooo much pain and have deteriorated over these last 2 years, my legs hurt so much from the back injury pain and it‘s just progressed to being even more bed bound than before so I have to do something. In May I had a 3 level spinal fusion, talk about painful surgeries, OH WOW!! I had my mom and sister come out to help me for a bit and it helped me so much! I’m 14 weeks post op and it’s been hard but I am finally walking and moving more. I started physical therapy 3 weeks ago to strengthen my hips and core. Apparently if I don’t, the other levels can collapse with time, so I will do my best!!  I have weakness in my back now with an ache but the pain I had from before is all gone, I THANK YOU LORD!! I’d say that’s a huge success!

Mom stayed for 2 months and I can’t tell you what a blessing that was. Lisa was here for a week, that was all she could do, but I loved having them both for the time I did!

Having said all that, I’ve decided I’ll be starting a new channel…this one is in addition to my craft channel. It’s all about my home adventures, the journey of decorating, the economics of my home and what I do, organizing and remodeling. I’ll also share many recipes with you all as well as meal planning and food prepping. I’ve been a homemaker for over 26 years and I’ve learned a few things that I would like to share. I also love gardening so that’ll be part of my channel too!  I hope you’ll come over and visit me and subscribe to my new channel, “At Jules House”.  I have a blog I started and will share that once it’s ready but not sure if there will be any other social media spots to hang out at but if I decide too, kind of a lot to manage, you know? I’ll let you know over at that channel if I decide to open more.   

I’ll be starting out with a video of the day we got the keys and a house tour!! (wait, I do have a cooking video on there that my cousin and sister in law asked me for a while back and it’s in spanish!). Along with house planning and decorating there will be life events too, like in August 2015 my baby Anna went off to college and we are proud and cannot wait to see all she’ll become! I recorded the day we moved her out and into her apartment and took pics of how I decorated her 14×14 size room and a video tour. It made me super excited she let me do that too! LOL. She’s got a dog and 2 room mates that are super sweet and all of us moms are trying so hard to let them live their lives…not easy but we’re trying! That was an eventful day!! Then my son decides to be on his own…how dare he right?….he just moved to Vancouver Washington a couple months ago and doing it all on his own! We’re proud of him:) 

My parents moved back to So. California with my oldest brother last year right after we moved in, that was so hard…after 15 years that they’ve been out here with me, but how could I win?…2 new great grand babies being born in California, I’m not surprised they went to be with them. It’s a huge blessing to be their age and being great grand parents don’t you think?? lol… So it’s just us 4 again, well sorta…but I’m dealing, I am!

I’ll be loading videos to my new channel soon and the blog will be up as soon as I’m able so please visit me there. I have a few videos too of some projects from last year that I’ll be sharing once edited…I’m learning the new iMovie so it’ll be a bit.

Thanks for hanging out today, sorry this post took so long…. and don’t forget to visit me at my new channel, “At Jules House”! Hope you all are doing great!!

Feel free to share!