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“BFF” swap pieces are in and my wall hanging!!

I am so excited and about ready to do it again!  All of the participants did an awesome job and I have to say that I am sooooo proud they all mailed them in and were accounted for! (I was scared about that)  But they are beautiful. I took a picture of every single piece and put my group of pieces together and it’s hanging on my wall in my scrap room!! They are beautiful!

Enjoy the pics below:)

Starting with their Fall side!

Group “A”

 Martha’s piece,

 Carlene’s piece,

Tina’s piece,

 Aliscia’s piece!

Valerie’s piece,

….and mine,

Group “B”

 Donna’s piece,

Angie’s piece,

Louise’s piece,

Brook’s piece’s,

Leonie’s piece,

Valerie’s piece,

There are some great artists out there, I was so fortunate to have you all involved!! What a blessing of friends! You will have a very special place in my heart….my first swap! It was great. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Here is my wallhanging that I put in my room!Love Love Love it!!

Thanks for stopping by,  xoxo Jules:) 

If your not a youtuber, here I will share my video showing all the booklets and pockets and goodness every participant did! Thanks:)

Feel free to share!